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Juniper Configuring IS-IS for IPv6
You want to use IS-IS on an IPv6 network.
The IS-IS configuration for an IPv6 network is the same as for IPv4. Configure the interfaces, enable ISO on the IS-IS interfaces, and configure a NET on lo0:
[edit protocols isis]
source@RouterA# set interface ge-0/0/1
source@RouterA# set interface ge-1/0/1
source@RouterA# set interface lo0.0
[edit interfaces]
source@RouterA# set ge-0/0/1 unit 0 family iso
source@RouterA# set ge-1/0/1 unit 0 family iso
source@RouterA# set lo0 unit 0 family iso address 49.0020.1921.6801.9001.00
Because IS-IS runs directly on the data-link layer (Layer 2), from an IS-IS point of view, there is nothing different or special about configuring it for an IPv6 environment. The only thing you do differently is set IPv6 addresses on the physical interfaces instead of IPv4 addresses. This recipe configures a router that connects to two other Level 1Level 2 IS-IS routers.
Again, use the show isis interface command to see the configured IS-IS interfaces:
source@RouterA> show isis interface
IS-IS interface database:
Interface             L CirID Level 1 DR     Level 2 DR   L1/L2 Metric
ge-0/0/1.0            3   0x2 RouterA.02     RouterA.02        10/10
ge-1/0/1.0            3   0x3 RouterJ.03     RouterJ.03        10/10
lo0.0                 0   0x1 Passive        Passive            0/0
When looking at the adjacencies, you can see the IPv6 addresses configured on the router:
source@RouterA> show isis adjacency detail
  Interface: ge-0/0/1.0, Level: 2, State: Up, Expires in 19 secs
  Priority: 64, Up/Down transitions: 1, Last transition: 00:18:55 ago
  Circuit type: 3, Speaks: IP, IPv6, CLNS, MAC address: 0:5:85:c1:d1:d1
  Topologies: Unicast
  Restart capable: Yes
  LAN id: Incredible-Hulk.02, IP addresses:
  IPv6 addresses: fe80::205:85ff:fec1:d1d1
The IS-IS database output is also unchanged. If you look at the detail version of the output, you now see the IPv6 address prefixes:
source@RouterA> show isis database level 2 detail
IS-IS level 2 link-state database:
RotuerJ.00-00 Sequence: 0x5, Checksum: 0x9645, Lifetime: 647 secs
   IS neighbor: RouterJ.02                    Metric:       10
   IS neighbor: RouterJ.03                    Metric:       10
   V6 prefix: 9009:1::/64                     Metric:       10 Internal Up
   V6 prefix: 9009:2::/64                     Metric:       20 Internal Up
   V6 prefix: 9009:3::/64                     Metric:       10 Internal Up
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