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Juniper NTP Configuration
You want to periodically resynchronise the time on the router to limit the effects of clock drift.
Configure the router to periodically get time updates from an NTP server:
# set system ntp server
# show
system {
    ntp {
If you have multiple NTP servers, configure them in the same way:
# set system ntp peer prefer
# set system ntp peer
Checking NTP Status
You can check the NTP operation and the clock on the local router:
# run show ntp status
You want to check that NTP is working properly on your network, and you want to check which NTP peers your router is getting time information from.
Use the show ntp associations command to verify that NTP is operating correctly:
# run show ntp associations
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach delay offset  jitter
*ntpserver.mynet . 
GPS.            1 u 108   256  377  6.915  3.977  0.078
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