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Juniper Change the Format of Plain-Text Passwords
You want to require the passwords for user accounts to be longer than six characters and to have more than one case change.
Set all plain-text passwords to be from 8 to 20 characters long and to contain at least 


Juniper Enable SSH Telnet Web

To Enable SSH service
#set system services ssh

To Enable Telnet service
#set system services telnet


Juniper show the SFP information
Type bellow command you can find all SFP related information.
SFP Cable type: 10G/1000M etc,
SFP Type: Single Mode (SM) / Multi mode (MM)
SFP Vendor Name, Part Number
Diffrent Types of Wavelength
For example if you want to SFP information for ge-0/0/12. 
So the fpc-slot is 0 and pic slot is 0. Then you can find the port number 12. 
# run show chassis pic fpc-slot 0 pic-slot 0
FPC slot 0, PIC slot 0 information:


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