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Cisco Basic Administrative Configuration of a Router

Router> (This prompt indicates User mode or Non privileged mode)
Router > ? (This shows possible commands to be given from user mode)
Router > enable (This command will switch to Enable/Privileged/EXE mode)

Router # ‘#’ this prompt indicates that it is the enable mode.

Here the user can use any ‘show’ commands to view any file stored in NVRAM.   
Router # show running-config (Will view the running configuration file stored in NVRAM)   
Router #show startup-config (Will view the startup configuration file stored in NVRAM)
Router #show ip interface brief (Will display the ip information of all the interfaces briefly)
Router # show ip route (Will display the current routing table)
Router #show controllers s0/1 (This command is used to display the clock rate of an specific interface)
Router #show interface s0/1 (This command is used to display details of an specific interface)

Router # configure terminal Will switch the user to global configuration mode   
Router (config)# This prompt indicates global configuration mode.

For any configuration purpose user has to be in this mode.    
Router(config)#hostname DHK Changes the hostname of the router   

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