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Filtering Routes by IP Address with Prefix List

You need to reject all routes to certain IP addresses because you don't want to install them into the routing table.

Create a list of all the IP address prefixes:

# set policy-options prefix-list PREFIX-LIST-1
# set policy-options prefix-list 

# show
prefix-list PREFIX-LIST-1 {;;

Then create a policy that references the list of prefixes:

# set policy options policy-statement Addresses-to-Reject term 1 from prefix-list PREFIX-LIST-1
# set policy options policy-statement Addresses-to-Reject term 1 then reject
[Here the policy name is Address-to-Reject and I make this policy as reject, if you want to accept this policy then type accept.]

Finally, apply the policy to a protocol, here I use EBGP:

# set protocols bgp group external-group import Addresses-to-Reject


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