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Juniper Virtual Chassis Configuration for EX3300 EX4500 series Switch

You can make virtual chassis maximum 10 switch. According to virtual chassis to make a master switch you have to configure as "routing-engine" and rest of the switch will be line-card. You have to give a member number for diffrent switch.
To make more redundant you can make a backup routing engine. For backup routing engine you have to configure that member as a routing-engine and this switch must be boot at last time. 
To find out the switch serial number:
# run show chassis hardware
Now Start Configure Virtual chassis for four switches.
# set virtual-chassis preprovisioned
# set virtual-chassis no-split-detection;
# set virtual-chassis member 0 role routing-engine serial-number GD0211402281
# set virtual-chassis member 1 role routing-engine serial-number GD0211402260
# set virtual-chassis member 2 role role line-card serial-number GD0211397418
# set virtual-chassis member 3 role role line-card serial-number GD0211397420
[Here Member "0" is a master routing engine and member "1" is backup routing engine. And rest of the switch will be line card. Again I am saying that backup routing engine switch must be boot at last.]
To monitor the Virtual Chassis Status. Click Here
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