How to Configure and Create Juniper User Account

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Junos OS require a user account for remote access, it is a good practice to configure at least one nonroot user directly on each device. if you use telnet you need a user account without root user. User accounts provide a way for users to access a Junos device. For each user account, you define the login name for the user, password and give a privilege. After you have created an account, the software creates a home directory for the user. Here’s an example that sets up a super-user account for a user named Geek

user@router#set system login user geek class super-user
user@router#set system login user geek authentication plain-text-password
New password:********
Retype new password:********

Here the first command defines an account for the user Geek and gives him super-user privileges, which allow him to perform all operations on the router. And the second command creates a password for Geek and here New password is your desired password and Retype new password is same as you given. As you see the command says it’s a plain-text-password (ASCII), but the Junos OS software encrypts the password, If you display the configuration then you can see its encrypted.

user@router# show system login
user geek {
    uid 2000;
    class super-user;
    authentication {
        encrypted-password "$1$e12ibICY$PgZ9fqyJexHZpVmDep/JP/"; ## SECRET-DATA

You can see the uid, this is system defined id and it just maintains to keep track of user information serially.

If you want to make specific permission level click here.

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