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How to Set IP Address in Juniper

Configure IP Address in Juniper # set interfaces ge-0/0/1 unit 0 family inet address Looking at the levels of the command more closely: ge-0/0/1 is the name of the Gigabit Ethernet physical interface. unit 0 is a logical unit…

Juniper Enabling Remote Access

Juniper Enable Remote Access Enable FTP Service # set system services ftp Enable Telent Service # set system services telnet Enable SSH Service # set system services ssh Enable WEB Service # set system services web-management http

Juniper, Who Logged In to the Router

Juniper, Who Is Logged In to the Router You are logged in to the router and you want to see who else is logged in. Use the show system users command to see who is logged in to the router:…

JUNOS Commit the Configuration

Juniper Commit the Configuration To activate any configuration you must type commit. Otherwise the configuration will be not execute. Below describe the type of commit operation: Use commit to activate configuration changes: # commit If multiple REs are installed, use…

Setup Juniper Root Password

Setup Juniper Root Password Root password is mandotory. Without root password you can non commit configuration # set system root-authentication plain-text-password [Enter] New password: Retype new password: Here New password is your desire password and Retype new password is same…

JUNOS Software Version Information

Gathering JUNOS Software Version Information You want to determine which software version is running on the router. The following command shows the software version and lists all the software components that are running on the router: source@router1> show version Hostname:…

Juniper Backing Up the Router’s Configuration

Juniper Backing Up the Router’s Configuration You want to back up the router’s configuration to a remote server. You can use the following command to copy the active configuration file to a server: source@router1> file copy /config/juniper.conf.gz server1:/homes/aviva/tmp aviva@server1’s password:…

How to Set IPv6 Address in Juniper

Juniper Configuring an IPv6 Address on an Interface You want to configure an interface to work on an IPv6 network. The IPv6 address configuration is very similar to that for IPv4: # set interfaces ge-0/0/3 unit 0 family inet6 address…

Use rollback to restore a previous configuration

Use rollback to restore a previous configuration: # rollback 0 [Resets the candidate configuration to the currently active configuration] # rollback 1 [Loads the previously active configuration]   # rollback ? Possible completions: <[Enter]>            Execute this command 0   …

How to Load Factory Default in Juniper

Juniper Loading a Factory-Default Configuration Use load factory-default to load a system’s factory-default configuration  # load factory-default  [It will be load as a Factory Default as like a new device. Previous all configuration will be delete] Now you must set root password…

Juniper Comparing Configuration with roolback

Comparing Configuration with roolback to File Differences Compare candidate and active configurations: # show | compare Compare active and historical configurations: # show | compare roolback 2 [It will view the configuration before 2 commit operation] # show | compare roolback 5 [It…
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