PPPoE Dialer or ADSL Setup on CentOS

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PPPoE Dialer or ADSL Setup on CentOS, Fedora and Redhat 

1. Find the package >rp-pppoe rpm -qa | grep rp-pppoe

2. If not installed , install it from the cd> rpm -ivh rp-pppoe
3. Login as root.
4. Type adsl -setup at command prompt. You will see one message like this:
Enter your login name.
5. Choose the interface you are using and then press

6. Press
7. Give the DNS server address and type server and press
8. Type your password carefully and press
9. Retype your password.
10. Press
11. Choose the firewall type 0
12. If you want this connection at boot time type Yes or don’t want to connect at boot time type no
13. and press Enter.
14. After completed it will show you the following messages:
> Ethernet interface:eth0
> User name :root
> Activate on demand :No
> DNS server :supplied by ISP’s server
> Firewalling :None
> User control :Yes

15. Accept this setting and adjust configuration files(y/n)?

Now to start the DSL Connection Type


To stop the DSL Connection Type


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