How to Set IP Address in Juniper

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Configure IP Address in Juniper

# set interfaces ge-0/0/1 unit 0 family inet address

Looking at the levels of the command more closely:

  • ge-0/0/1 is the name of the Gigabit Ethernet physical interface.
  • unit 0 is a logical unit configured within the physical interface. Each physical interface must have at least one configured logical interface, with the first one numbered 0 (not 1) before it can carry traffic.
  • family inet identifies the protocol used by the logical interface. You almost always want to configure at least one family on each logical interface. In this booklet, all of our configurations use inet which is how JUNOS refers to IPv4. If you use IPv6 then you should use inet6.
  • address is the address of the logical interface. Each logical interface can support multiple addresses. So configuring additional addresses does not override existing addresses.

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