Juniper Failover with Static Router

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Juniper Static Router with Preference

Use qualified-next-hop to allow independent preference for static routes to the same destination:

Primary next hop due to default route preference (5)
Secondary next hop due to configured route preference (7)

So traffic will go through IP If this link will down then traffic will shift autamatically to IP Also when primary link ( will up then traffic will come back again to previous link (
By Default static route preference is 5 and you comfigured preference 7 to secondary link. So lower preference value’s priroty is high.

[edit routing-options]
#set static route next-hop
#set static route qualified-next-hop preference 7

[edit routing-options]
user@router# show 
static {
    route {
        qualified-next-hop {
            preference 7;

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