Juniper Standard Interfaces

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Juniper Standard Interfaces

Physical interfaces have standard names Based on

  • Interface port type.
  • FPC slot number (FPC- Flexible PIC Concentrator)
  • PIC slot number within FPC (PIC – Physical Interface Card)
  • Port number within PIC

Interface Port Type

  • at— ATM over SONET/SDH ports
  • e3— E-3 ports
  • fe— Fast Ethernet ports
  • so— SONET/SDH ports
  • t3— DS-3 ports
  • ds- Nx64k interfaces
  • ge— Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • ml- multilink
  • ls – link services
  • sp – adaptive services pic
  • vt- virtual interface

n slot: the first number corresponds to the slot location. On small platforms, fixed interfaces are usually assigned as being in slot 0. In high end platforms, physical slots exist to hold a Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC), which is a large board that can in turn hold many interface cards.

n PIC: the second number corresponds to the Physical Interface Card (PIC) position within the slot.

n port: the third number corresponds to the port number on the PIC.

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