Juniper Virtual Chassis Configuration for EX3300 EX4500 series Switch

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You can make virtual chassis maximum 10 switches. According to virtual chassis to make a master switch you have to configure as “routing-engine” and rest of the switch will be line-card. You have to give a member for diffrent switch. To make more redundant you have to create a backup routing engine. For backup routing engine you have to configure that member as a routing-engine and this switch must be boot at last time.

For adding the virtual chassis domain it will recognise each other switch with hardware serial number. So, first find out the switch serial number:
user@ConfGeek# run show chassis hardware
Hardware inventory:
Item             Version  Part number  Serial number     Description
Chassis                                LX0814295191      Virtual Chassis
Routing Engine 5 REV 20   750-039067   LX0814295191      EX4550-32F
FPC 0            REV 20   750-039067   LX0814295181      EX4550-32F
  CPU                     BUILTIN      BUILTIN           FPC CPU
  PIC 0                   BUILTIN      BUILTIN           32x 1G/10G SFP/SFP+     

Here you can see the Serial Number of this switch is : “LX0814295191”
We have found the serial number of switch. In this same way you have to find the serial number for all of your switches for make virtual chassis.

Now, I have given the configuration for virtual chassis and I am using here four switches.

# set virtual-chassis preprovisioned
user@ConfGeek# set virtual-chassis no-split-detection
user@ConfGeek# set virtual-chassis member 0 role routing-engine serial-number LX0814295191
user@ConfGeek# set virtual-chassis member 1 role routing-engine serial-number LX0817893012
user@ConfGeek# set virtual-chassis member 2 role role line-card serial-number LX0343098753
user@ConfGeek# set virtual-chassis member 3 role role line-card serial-number LX0586729701
user@ConfGeek# set virtual-chassis member 4 role role line-card serial-number LX0983408763
user@ConfGeek# set virtual-chassis member 5 role role line-card serial-number LX0409764926
[Here Member “0” is a master routing engine and member “1” is backup routing engine. And rest of the switch will be line card.]

To monitor the Virtual Chassis Status. Click Here

To confirm the configuration just enter the command “show virtual-chassis”. and make sure that your configuration is right and you have entered the right switch serial number also be sure the master, backup and line card switches are in right position.

user@ConfGeek# show virtual-chassis
member 0 {
    role routing-engine;
    serial-number LX0814295191;
member 1 {
    role routing-engine;
    serial-number LX0817893012;
member 2 {
    role line-card;
    serial-number LX0343098753;
member 3 {
    role line-card;
    serial-number LX0586729701;
member 4 {
    role line-card;
    serial-number LX0983408763;
member 5 {
    role line-card;
    serial-number LX0409764926;

Now you can view the status of virtual chassis status to enter the command

user@ConfGeek# run show virtual-chassis status

Preprovisioned Virtual Chassis
Virtual Chassis ID: a432.272b.5630
Virtual Chassis Mode: Enabled
                                           Mstr           Mixed Neighbor List
Member ID  Status   Serial No    Model     prio  Role      Mode ID  Interface
0 (FPC 0)  Prsnt    LX0814295191 ex4550-32f 129  Master*     N  1  vcp-255/0/1
                                                                 5  vcp-255/0/0
1 (FPC 1)  Prsnt    LX0817893012 ex4550-32f 128  Backup      N  2  vcp-255/0/0
                                                                 0  vcp-255/0/2
2 (FPC 2)  Prsnt    LX0343098753 ex4550-32f   0  Linecard     N  3  vcp-255/0/0
                                                                 1  vcp-255/0/2
3 (FPC 3)  Prsnt    LX0586729701 ex4550-32f   0  Linecard     N  4  vcp-255/0/1
                                                                 2  vcp-255/0/3
4 (FPC 4)  Prsnt    LX0983408763 ex4550-32f   0  Linecard     N  5  vcp-255/0/0
                                                                 3  vcp-255/0/1
5 (FPC 5)  Prsnt    LX0409764926 ex4550-32f   0  Linecard     N  4  vcp-255/0/1
                                                                 0  vcp-255/0/0

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