New Juniper Device Basic Configuration

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Juniper Basic Connection and Configuration

When new Juniper device you purchase from your vendor. What should you do first ?

First you have connect with console connection.
To connect console setting are 9600, 8, N, 1 with VT100 Terminal Emulation

When you connect to console cable then power on the device and wait until for the system boot.

login: root   [Type root as a login name and there will be no passwor, just enter and you will be next shell promt]


[This is Shell Promt.]

root@% cli
[Type the cli command and hit enter]

[This promt name is Operation Mode]
[Here you can run only show comand you can not execute any command here]

root> configure
[Type the configure command and hit enter]

[This promt name is Configuration Mode]
[Here you can Execute and can run all show command as well]


There are two mode
1. Opearation Mode
2. Configuration Mode

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