Upgrade an IOS on a Cisco Router from PCMCIA Flash

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Upgrade an IOS on a Cisco Router from PCMCIA Flash

Before Starting procedure you need to download and install a TFTP server on your PC
There are many Free TFTP server just download one and install your PC.

Step 1
Create a consol connection with the default setting

Step 2
Check you have enough space in your flash card

Router#dir slot1:

If you find that there is not enough space, you can delete one or more files from the flash:
Router#delete slot1: FILENAME.bin

Step 3
Copy the new IOS file from the TFTP server to the router:

Router#copy tftp slot1:

Address or name of remote host []?  [This IP is your TFTP Server IP]

Source filename []? c1700-sy7-mz.123-15.bin           [This file name is your IOS file name]

Destination filename [c1700-sy7-mz.123-15.bin]?    [Hit Enter or if you want change file name cialis prix then type new file name]

Accessing tftp://……….

Erase slot1: before copying? [confirm]        [If you want delete all file then “y” otherwise “n”]

Step 4
then it will install properly after then you need to verify the new IOS file
Router#dir slot1:

Step 5
Direct the router to load the new IOS file in the next boot:

Router(config)#no boot system
Router(config)#boot system flash slot1:c1700-sy7-mz.123-15.bin

Step 6
Make sure that the configuration register has the value of 0x2102. This is verified by the ‘show version’ command.
If the configuration register has a value other than 0x2102, use the following command to change it:

Router(config)#config-register 0x2102

Save the configuration with one of the two following commands:


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